Rennsport Reunion was born in 2001, conceived by racing great Brian Redman and Porsche Cars North America’s longstanding press spokesperson Bob Carlson, both of whom noted that at every vintage racecar gathering, Porsche’s racing and collector cars instantly became the prime focus of attention. Both men envisioned an event at which both racing enthusiasts and Porsche lovers could celebrate their automotive passions. The title Rennsport was drawn, quite simply, from the German term for “motorsport.”

The first Rennsport Reunion at Lime Rock, Connecticut defined the recipe that has been followed ever since: bring historic Porsche racecars and their renowned drivers to a storied racetrack, then invite enthusiasts to experience the golden age of motorsport, trackside and in its full visceral sound and fury. Mix an equal measure of opportunity for collectors of every vintage of Porsche to drive the same track as the greats, as well as to exhibit and talk about their vehicles. Stir thoroughly, adding a dash of modern technology in the form of contemporary Porsche racing and road cars. Result: a perfectly prepared feast for Porschephiles and motorsport buffs alike.

Rennsport Reunion quickly outgrew the facilities available in Lime Rock’s bucolic setting, and so in 2004 and 2007 the event took place at the even more historically resonant Daytona Motor Speedway, site of some of Porsche’s greatest endurance racing victories. Indeed in 2007 Porsche recreated a dramatic midnight 1970 pitstop involving one of its fabled 917 endurance racers with typical German thoroughness, placing a Porsche vehicle in precisely the same location in the pits.

In 2011, Redman, vintage racecar collector Bruce Canepa and Porsche Cars North America staged Rennsport Reunion IV at California’s sweeping Laguna Seca track near Monterey, giving West Coast Porsche enthusiasts a more attainable location. This year, Rennsport returns to Laguna Seca, with the largest collection of racing and roadgoing Porsche vehicles yet expected to thrill the crowds.