Bill Warner

Motorsport photographer, Bill Warner never planned on being a photographer. After receiving his first camera as a Christmas present at 16 years old, his sister who was a professional portrait photographer told him, "This will get you on the other side of the fence." Meaning he would now have access to places other people didn't. For Warner, it was all about being near the race cars, or the "Porsche giant-killers", as he called them. He saw his first Porsche, a 356 Speedster, in 1959 and became infatuated with the sight, sound and smell of race cars. Since then, this self-taught photographer has become one of the most notable motorsport photographers of his time. He bought his first Porsche, a brand new 911 T, in 1971 and still owns it to this day. In this album, Bill Warner's Rennsport Reunion V photography brings to life his passion for 1970-1989 Porsche models.

The photograph he is holding is of the 2nd place Porsche 907 LH of Herrmann and Siffert. This was shot from the pit road tower with a Hasselblad 500EL and an 8mm lens. " I like this shot as the white car pops out of the photo with the morning light and the crew is in the shadows. The open door contributes to the “action”: of the pit stop."