Jeff Zwart

For Jeff Zwart, his love for Porsche all started riding in the backseat of his parents' new 1964 356C. At 16, he learned to drive in a 901, chassis #35, and he was hooked.

Cars and speed were in his blood and when he graduated from college he set out as a photographer shooting stories on Porsche. Jeff was not comfortable being on the sidelines at the races he covered, so in 1993 he started rallying a Porsche and in 1994 he finished second in the US Pro Rally championship with four overall wins driving a Carrera 4.

His Porsche driving career continued to gain momentum. He went on to win a number of different titles and is now especially noted for his wins at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – winning 8 class championships in 11 different Porsche cars.

His story with Porsche did not stop there. In 1989, Zwart started directing television commercials and created notable work for Porsche including "Family Tree" to launch the Panamera in 2009.

Recognized as a "Legend" at Rennsport for his driving legacy – Zwart was also tapped to capture the spirit of Rennsport and passion of Motorsport in a series of films. Zwart was a natural fit – lending a unique perspective as a driver, Porsche owner, photographer and director.

This is Rennsport

"Rennsport is an amazing event. I wanted to immerse people in it. Get the feeling of driving up and seeing the scale and the epic nature of it. It's a fan experience and it's a driver experience. I wanted to combine those things from the inside. Chasing people on the run and while they drove. The idea was to give people a perspective of participating rather than just spectating."

- Jeff Zwart, Director

Legends of Le Mans

"This film uses the venue of the Rennsport Reunion to focus on the meaning of Le Mans not just to the brand but also to the "family" of Porsche. Rennsport's theme this year was "Legends of Le Mans" and it seemed proper to focus on the meaning of that both on the track and in our Rennsport Studio. Contemporary and legendary drivers give perspective on the subject."

- Jeff Zwart, Director


"This is an enthusiast-based film that takes us on a single lap of Rennsport through the view of 20 drivers. Starting with the 1953 550 coupe and finishing with the Le Mans winning 919 Hybrid. It is a seamless lap edited in between the cars traveling that lap. You feel the transitions of speed over the 62 years represented by the cars driven here."

- Jeff Zwart, Director

Rolling Timeline

"Rennsport is not a static display, it is in action. This film was designed as a single take starting with the earliest car from 1953 and snaking its way through the sights and sounds on the track of 23 cars finishing off on the new 911. It exemplifies the diversity represented by the cars in attendance and the fact that they can be driven."

- Jeff Zwart, Director