Jesse Alexander

65 years ago, Jesse Alexander saw his first Porsche 356. A pioneer in the field of motorsport photography, he began shooting races in the early 1950s and purchased his own 356 to commute from race to race. Since his early years and up to the present, Jesse Alexander's work has found its way all over the globe and in private collections. He was first inspired to become a photographer during WWII. "As a young boy growing up during World War II, I was captivated by the imagery that came out of the war through the eyes of legendary photographers." Now, a notable motorsport photographer in his own right, he brings his iconic black and white style to us. As a premier photographer at Rennsport Reunion V, Jesse Alexander's portfolio showcases pre-1970 Porsche models.

The photograph he is holding was taken on the Nurburgring in Germany in the late 1950s and shows the Porsche Spyder driven by Jo Bonnier in action. The 'Ring offered a multitude of interesting places to shoot from as it was almost 15 miles in length and a very challenging one to every driver young or old.